Some projects I am working on outside of work

Looking at this page today (15th December 2017) I discovered that this page has been coming soon for a while. This page has never been populated, so it seems like I don't have any outside projects. However, that is not true. Here is just a sample of a couple of things that I have been thinking about.

  • Educational website covering applications of optimisation
  • Optimisation is everywhere. Optimisation experts should have some idea about the extent to which this tool is used. However, you can not expect the general public to know the breadth of optimisation applications. At the moment I am developing a website that will try to enlighten some people about the value of optimisation research

  • Scheduling tool for teachers
  • This is a project that I started a long time ago for my mother. The idea was to schedule the playground duties that teachers perform during the week. Now, this is not a very difficult problem or a problem that will save a lot of money. But it is a problem that takes time away from the organising teacher that could be used elsewhere. I have the model, I am just trying to work on the website

  • WRITE - with Git
  • This is something that my wife Penelope Maher got me working on. The idea is to replicate track changes that is available within Microsoft Word by using the differencing scheme available within Git. This is a fun project, teaching me a lot about Git and LaTeX.

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