What I am interested in outside of work

There has to be more to our lives than just work. While technology allows us to work from many different places at all sorts of times, it is important to get away from it all. Speaking to a friend, he made a very valid point that while some people think that there is no point to hobbies, in reality our hobbies help to define who we really are. I would like to share just a few of the things that I really enjoy doing.

  • Sport
  • I have been involved in sport for all of my life, having only missed two seasons of soccer since I was six years old. While the sport that I am most competent at is soccer, I have taken up cycling, running and ultimate frisbee. In addition, I have had the opportunity to coach a fledgling mens soccer team in Sydney for two seasons.

  • Home Brewing
  • This is something that I have been doing for about 7 years. It started after a friend on my soccer team sent an email around stating that he no longer had a need for his home brewing kit. I have thoroughly enjoyed the challenge of making a good beer and the freedom that is permitted by making it yourself. While I am not the best brewer in the world, I have been able to make a few really nice brews (verified by friends and family). In time I will share a few of these on this webpage.

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